How to Find the Perfect Blazer Length for Your Body

Let’s dive into how to find the perfect blazer length that flatters your silhouette. We’ll explore 3 lengths of a white blazer… the ultimate wardrobe staple for summer 2023: 

Cropped Blazer:

  1. Flattering for petite women by creating the illusion of height and longer legs.
  2. Adds length to the legs and balances the upper and lower body proportions, resulting in a more balanced overall look.
  3. Emphasizes the hourglass figure by defining the waist.

Cropped White Blazer for Women
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Blazer at Hips:

  1. Flattering for pear-shaped body types.
  2. Enhances curves by adding volume and structure to the hip area for a defined and shapely silhouette.
  3. Visually balances the upper body if you have a longer torso or broader shoulders. It draws attention away from the shoulders and elongates the torso, creating a more proportionate look.

Hip-Length Women's Blazer
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Blazer below Hips:

  1. Flattering for women with a short torso or who want to create a longer, more streamlined silhouette.
  2. Visually lengthens the upper body, giving a more statuesque appearance.
  3. If you prefer more coverage or want to conceal certain areas, a blazer below the hips offers additional coverage for the hips and upper thighs.

Long Women's Blazer
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