How to Wear Clogs in the Winter

If you haven’t already added a clog into your closet (or four or five), then we’re here to help you take that first step. Why? It’s not just for the ease of slipping them on and off like your favorite slippers. It’s because they are a laid-back, vintage-inspired shoe that have eased their way into a fashionable and contemporary world.

Today we’re tackling how to wear clogs during the winter… because these versatile shoes are too fun to only be seen in one season. 

Clogs with Jeans – We love clogs with every style of denim from straight legs to wider hems. The only style to stay away from with clogs would be fitted skinnies. A flare leg has a boho feel but will probably cover your shoes where a cropped hem shows off that cute clog even more. Add a pair of patterned socks and cuff jeans for a fun look. 

 Clogs with Jeans

Clogs with Jeans

Clogs with Dresses or Skirts – Clogs are perfect with loose maxi and midi dresses or skirts, especially with thick tights or patterned socks in the winter. If you choose the same color scheme in tights and clogs, it will make your legs appear longer with the allusion of added height.

Clogs with Jumpsuits – Keeping it simple yet fun, pair a flare or wide leg jumpsuit with the same color clog.

Clogs with Jumpsuit

Clog with Flare Leg


Clogs with Shorts – Add a pair of textured tights or layer a pair of socks with your favorite tweed or faux leather shorts and closed-toe clogs.

Clogs with Slacks – For a minimalist look, stick to matching your pants and clog colors. Again, loose, wide-;egged styles are a perfect complement to these nostalgic shoes. Bonus Tip: Look for a split hem to show off the cuteness factor even more.  

Clog with Pants

Clog with Faux Leather

A basic rule of thumb is to keep with loose, minimalist styles with clogs for a fashionable and comfortable year-round look.