The 3 Must-Have Jeans in Your Wardrobe

We all have our favorites. Those go-to jeans that hugs every curve just right while hiding the little nooks and crannies. Today I’m picking out three pairs of jeans that, together, will work for every casual-to-dressy style and with every pair of shoes you have.

Vintage Jeans

Rosie High-Rise Wide Leg Ankle Jean


Bootcut Jeans 

Barbara High Waist Bootcut


Crop Bootcut Jeans 

Faye Ultra High-Rise Bootcut Crop Jean

Nothing is more important than the fit and feel of a pair of jeans. And you’re never going to know how something fits or feels without a) trying it on and b) having several points of reference. Carve out an afternoon and physically go to a store to work with their stylists to try on a full range of jeans.

The Waist: Does the jean sit on the waist where it’s supposed to sit?

The Length: Are these the right length for the shoes I own?

The Stretch: Go for styles with no more than 2 percent of Lycra or Spandex to ensure they won’t break down in the wash…or be so tight they give you a visible panty line.

The Purpose: What do you need jeans for? Work, a night out or playtime? These will help you choose the wash of the denim.

Your History: Know what denim you love and know what denim you actually wear in practice

Your Closet: A good rule of thumb is to have at least two tops and two pairs of shoes that the jeans you’re eyeing actually go with. That will give you the flexibility and versatility to successfully integrate a new pair of denim into your closet.