Six 2023 Must-Haves for Your Office Attire


Show ‘em who’s boss with the new workwear norm of a hybrid between casual and formal.

  1. The Return of the Blazer – Blazers are now paired with everything from shorts to leggings so it’s no surprise they have returned to the workplace with a vengeance. Although in a more informal way, thank goodness.

    black and white blazer
    Mixed print blazer available in store only.

  2. Sheerly Feminine Fabrics – Use it as the perfect layering tool or focus on one area, like sheer sleeves or a ruffle.
    Sheer blouse
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  3.  Eye-Catching Metallics – Dress like a million dollars. Whether it’s golds, silvers, bronze or pewters, this look can scream confidence in the most modern way.
    Gold metallic turtleneck
    Available in gold and silver color options in store.

  4. Brightly Colored Combos – Taking a cue from Emily in Paris, we’re all about loud, happy colors in the workplace.
    Embroidery Top
    Red wide leg pants
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  5. Sequins & Blinds – Before you argue that you’re not at a nightclub, think about a subtle addition to pump up the office energy.
    Gold Foil blouse
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  6. A Twist in Your Suit – Think about adding either a modern twist or a vintage piece to pair with your pants or skirt.  We chose a faux leather moto jacket instead of a blazer to complete this ensemble. 
    Vegan Leather Suit
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