Oversized Blazers on Petites

STYLE HACK: The oversized and long blazer trend can overwhelm a petite frame so we have some tips on how to create an elongated look. As always, it starts with confidence.

Tips for Looking Taller


  • Aim for a mid-thigh blazer. They won’t overwhelm your stature like long coats might.
  • Avoid buttons - The open front (without buttons) provides an unbroken line that helps draw the eye up and down.
  • Wear ¾ Sleeves or Cuff or Push them Up
  • Shoulders and Arms Must Hit Correctly
  • Elongated lapels create a natural V line that will draw the eye upwards and helps to broaden your shoulders, too.
  • Play up your proportions with high waisted pants to show off your waist and elongate legs.
  • Tuck in your top.
  • Wear heels to help lengthen your legs.
  • Wear it with confidence!